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fandomwhore's Journal

Fandom Whore
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We love characters. Any characters.

We like to look at pretty pictures of characters. Please ignore our fannish drool.

We are fandomwhores. We are legion.

This is a community for sharing images of beloved characters from ANY fandom.

Please remember, CHARACTERS ONLY. Images of actors not in character can be posted at rightclicklick, rightclickchick or any number of alternate actor oriented sites.


Alan Rickman as himself = NO!
Alan Rickman as Severus Snape or the Sheriff of Nottingham = YES

Fairly simple, is it not?

Do you see the rules over at the ever-fabulous rightclicklick? Ours are pretty much the same, aside from a few key differences.
  • Both Male and Female Characters are Accepted
  • All forms of media are accepted.

Got it? Good! Now Link!